Why go to the island of Crete?

Located in the Mediterranean waters of Greece, the island of Crete has a rich history. It is known as the cradle of western civilization. Read this article to find out why you should definitely take a trip to this beautiful island.

Discover the material heritage of the island of Crete

You may be wondering where the best place to spend your next vacation will be. Why don't you go and admire the beautiful view of the island of Crete? Indeed, on this island, let the monuments tell you the history of the city. From the fine sandy beaches to the perfect hiking trails, the island of Crete attracts a lot of people. Speaking of Western civilization, the island of Crete is home to remains dating back thousands of years. Its architectural constructions speak volumes about its history. It is indeed the mother of civilizations of the western world.

Enjoying outstanding meals

The island of Crete has more than just relics and wonderful fine sandy beaches. Its strength also lies in its unparalleled gastronomy. In terms of nutrition, it maintains its healthy values. Thus, most of its meals are based on vegetables. Also, olive oil is the most used. The Cretans are very fussy about what goes into their stomachs. This explains the longevity they enjoy.

Enjoying the intangible heritage

It is not only the material heritage and the gastronomy of the island that make it special. There is also the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Thanks to a good education received from an early age, the islanders are known for their friendliness and sociability. Even their dialect is a source of attraction. It is the very expression of the love they show to visitors. A visit to the island of Crete and you will be dazzled and more than satisfied by the generosity of the Cretans and the magnificence of the landscape.

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