What criteria should I take into account when choosing a coffee cup?

Generally, we don't pay much attention to the coffee cups we use to drink our different teas. However, the choice of these cups according to certain criteria allows us to obtain various results. Coffee lovers know something about it. Discover in the following article some criteria for choosing a coffee cup.

The shape of the coffee cup

The first thing you need to consider is the shape of the coffee cup. The inside of the cup is an important criteria. To learn more about it, find this French coffee mug here. We all know that when you pour any liquid into a cup, it will rest at the bottom of the cup. This first contact is very important. However, you should prefer coffee mugs that are slightly narrow at the bottom and gradually widen at the top. Avoid flat bottoms so that the cup can hold the coffee drops. The coffee cup should also not be too wide. The temperature of the coffee will be able to be well maintained.

The material of the coffee

The material is the second important criteria. Of course, the choice of your coffee cup is up to you since the taste is relative, but you should find out about the different materials that exist. Ceramic is the most used material. Ceramic coffee cups are the cheapest. The advantage with this cup is that your coffee will not taste. Nevertheless, it is very fragile and does not contain heat well. Be careful with your fingers. If you prefer a classic coffee cup, we recommend porcelain. It is stronger and retains heat well. Porcelain is also loved for its aesthetics.

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The capacity of the coffee cup

It's important to choose a coffee cup that fits the length of your coffee. If you are of Espresso followers, choose a thin cup with a capacity between 50 and 100 ml. If you prefer cappuccino, latte or lungo coffee, a larger and wider cup with a capacity between 150 and 350 ml is recommended.