What are the different types of SMS in companies ?

In companies, it is advisable to set up messaging systems. These make it possible to respond in a few clicks. Better still, they can be used to send reminders to customers and build loyalty. It is therefore possible to use messaging systems for different needs. What are the different types of SMS that exist? Find out more here. 

Informational SMS

Do you urgently need to inform your customers of a situation? You can take the informational SMS, you can check for more details. The informational SMS is indeed the ideal way to keep your customers informed of all your activities. It is suitable in several cases. If you are out of stock, you can use it to place an order. Better still, you can use it to inform customers when there are new goods. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can also send an informational SMS to your customer to cancel an appointment. All in all, it's the ideal way to save time. Above all, it's the best way to keep customers on the lookout for new information. 

Loyalty SMS 

In addition to being constantly informed, customers should be treated nicely. They should feel special and important. That said, you will need to develop strategies to maintain customer relations. For example, you can set up personalised offers. Making private sale offers by SMS is also recommended. You can also offer exclusive announcements via messaging. Written announcements of special offers are also highly recommended. These are well thought-out methods to build loyalty and attract as many customers as possible. Note that it is not always easy to attract customers. It is therefore important to impact them positively in order to make them loyal. 

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SMS reminders and confirmations 

Have you received an order to be delivered within a short time? The confirmation SMS can be very useful. Customers need to be reassured. Most of the time, they need to be sure that they will receive their order on time. To reassure them, you can send them little words. They can then keep their confidence in you. Note that this is another way of building customer loyalty to your company. In addition to the different types already mentioned, there are several other types of SMS. We are talking about event SMS, promotional SMS, welcome SMS, etc.