Video games: Most awaited games in 2023

The end of the year is fast approaching and the gamers community is eagerly awaiting the upcoming year for one specific reason, the release of the 2023 games. If you happen to be a pro gamer or just enjoy playing video games, then you should probably be excited for the same reason. With numerous trailers and demo versions released, the gaming industry gave a glimpse of what is to come. Here are some of the coolest games to definitely try in 2023.

Open world games you should try 

Both intermediate and professional gamers can relate to that desire of picking up the console controller and fighting it out with their friends in PvP. Whether you enjoy PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, being aware that some of the greatest games are about to be released creates a sense of wonder and excitement. Visit this webpage to find out the latest news in the gaming community. Open world games are the trend lately and Forspoken is one of the games that allows open world exploration. Its release being expected on the 24th of January, it is a game that mix reality and fantasy to give you a unique experience. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then Hogwarts Legacy is certainly one of the games you are expecting for the next year. It is an RPG action game that is also based on the open world concept. It’s tightly related to the Harry Potter saga, for the storyline is very similar to that of the protagonist in the book. 

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Horror games you should not miss in 2023

When speaking of horror games, a name that is known by both players and none players alike comes to mind. Due to its outstanding success, it is no surprise that the Resident Evil franchise is planning a remake of one of their most successful production, Resident Evil 4. You can also try the latest games that are not yet known by the public but are very much awaited. Sequel to the game «The forest» released back in 2014, Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game where you are to find a missing billionaire on an island filled with mutants, cannibals, and all sorts of creatures. Its release is scheduled for the 23rd of Febuary.