Tour to Cancun : how to pay and obtain your visitax?

Cancun is one of the best places in Mexico that visitors like visiting for several purposes. If you want a place for holiday or tourist tour, you will indeed enjoy your stay in Cancun due to the views and captivating places and things in store for you. Notwithstanding, your entrance to this city is conditioned on the payment of tourism tax fixed. Keep reading this article to discover how to pay and obtain your visitax. 

Visitax payment 

Apart from the necessary documents you have to get, visitax is one of the vital documents you have to acquire. It has become a Must-Do for all visitors coming to Cancun. And to pay Cancun tax Mexico, you will firstly visit the online tourist tax platform and ask for an application form. Prior to your demand, a form will be presented to you in a sort time. Get the for and fill it thoroughly. 
The form requires your names and details concerning your passport number. State your age and your functioning email address. Endeavour to be sure of the information you are filling in to avoid unpleasant situations during your trip. After finishing with this phase, proceed to payment through secured payment pages provided by the platform. These procedure concerns all visitors, irrespective of your age.

Visitax obtention 

Once payment is made, you can now be expecting your visitax receipt. According to the normal process, you will receive a QR code through the email address you indicated in the filled form. The message will enter your inbox between the duration of one hour after payment is said to be successfully made. If, in your case, you fail to receive any message, visit your mail spam to check if the message is not there.
Some messages are often directed to the spam box instead of entering the inbox. So, try verifying all these possibilities. In case you still can’t get the message, contact the agency to make them know that you are yet to receive your unique QR Code. Once they are notified, the agency will immediately take your request into consideration and provide an adequate solution.

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