3 Sights to See in New York

The vacations are the perfect time to break away from the routine and contemplate some wonders. It's the perfect time to not only spend time with your family, but to explore the world around you. If you're thinking of taking a tour of the United States of America, there are three tourist sites that you shouldn't miss out on. Read the details in this article.

The Empire State Building

Located in the "city that never sleeps", the Empire State Building has long been the tallest tower in New York City. With a height of about 500 meters, Empire State Building is included in the list of skyscrapers of the city. It should also be noted that this tower attracts thousands of tourists every year. Indeed, climbing on the heights of this tower makes you admire a magnificent view of the horizon.

The Edge Observatory

The other site that you must visit in New York is the Edge Observatory. Located on the banks of the Hudson River in the city of Manhattan, the Edge Observatory is about 400 meters high. It is ranked as the first observation tower in all of New York City. Apart from the American gourmet restaurant, the Edge Tower has a large terrace at the very top. From this terrace, the view of the entire city is one of pleasure and magnificence. Every year, the Edge Observatory welcomes thousands of national and international tourists.

The Statue of Liberty

You've probably heard of it more than once. Well, before you leave New York City, be sure to see what the famous Statue of Liberty really looks like. A true work of art and architecture, this statue has a very beautiful and moving history. It is one of the great monuments of the world. For the record, this statue was a gift from France to the United States as a sign of friendship. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

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